Zero Recoil Operating System (ZeRO) is a technological breakthrough that allows for AZODIN’s ZENITH to achieve low operating pressure out of the box and
gives it an unparalleled shooting profile for a Stacked Tube Blow Back (STBB.)

The ZeRO System combines several unique and proprietary features that allow the ZENITH to operate at 250 PSI out of the box and reduces the recoil from
blow back down to the level of a spool valve marker.

Feather Striker System (FSS)
Low tension Main Spring
Low tension Valve Spring
ZeRO housing to adjust Valve Timing

Traditionally, when seeking to lower the operating pressure of the STBB, players first look to reduce the weight of the striker. The Feather Striker System
(FSS) eliminates the need to drill, grind and generally making a mess of your strikers by incorporating Delrin with a hardened Steel core to produce a striker
that is both light and durable.

Next, players also seek to balance between the Main Spring and Valve Spring to the right combination for lower pressure operations, as the stock
configuration was for operating pressure in excess of 600 PSI. This often involves investing in a spring kit that is limited in its choices and often produces
mixed results. The AZODIN design team has taken care of this by preparing Main Spring and Valve Spring that are matched to the FSS. These matched
springs have reduced the recoil signature of the ZENITH while maintaining proper air efficiency.

The AZODIN design team have done the Research and Development. Its up to you to own the competition.





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