With commitment and dedication from our engineers, machinists and designers, Azodin is proud to release revolutionary technology:
Muffle Percussion System into the 2nd generation of KAOS PUMP (KP).

2011 KP has focused on four areas that have greatly enhanced its overall performance:


Muffle Percussion (MP) System incorporates these four fields to maximize air efficiency, accuracy and durability with minimum weight, recoil and sound signature.

Inline Regulator: Rapid charge rate in Low Operating Pressure (±220 PSI) to have minimal recoil and sound signature with Innovative 3D swiveling functional.
High Performance Valve: Ultimate refinement of High Performance Valve to deliver maximum air efficiency and consistency.
Muffle Striker: Releasing blow-back air and minimizing the sound signature with precise strike of Cup Seal Stem.
Silence Bolt: Advanced airflow path design to minimize the sound signature and enhanced accuracy performance.




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