Following the success of our AZ Carbon barrel, Azodin team took a step further to develop the
carbon barrel to a new level of competition.

Combining the lightweight of Carbon Fiber and the reliability of Aluminium Alloy, AZ Carbon barrel is
now a superb composition of the elements as one. Aluminium core provides smooth and harden
surface to fix our customers’ craving for the shots consistency, as well as the worry free of internal
surface damage while cleaning with swabs.

The barrel went through a precise honing process to achieve a shiny finish and features with the
“Back to Tip” alignment for increased accuracy that you can only expect from the higher end barrels.

Azodin goes beyond its limitation once again to offer product at an affordable price without
compromising the quality and standard.

The re-engineered barrel porting sequence provides lower shot-spread and quieter sound signature.

Our AZ Two Piece Carbon barrel is also interchangeable with AZ Two Piece Aluminum barrels.

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