The ZII is the pinnacle of design and performance for the stack tube blow-back platform.

When the ZII was developed, we focused our efforts on improving its operation and performance.
The result was the creation of the Zen OLED board and the ZeRO-D system.

The Zen OLED board is the conscious of the ZII and is the first user programmable board on an
Azodin marker. The board features new logic which helps to prolong battery life and decrease
voltage requirements.

The ZeRO-D system is the soul of the ZII and threads directly onto the body. The new design
improves the durability of the ZeRO Housing and it allows for quicker maintenance of the ZeRO-D
System. When paired with the Mass Flow Valve, the ZerRO-D lowers the operating pressure of the ZII.

The ZII showcases Azodin’s next generation of markers and establishes new performance
benchmarks for the STBB Platform.

ZEN OLED Board Angled Regulator Collar  
Zero-D System On/OFF ASA  
AZ Adjustable Clamping Feedneck Ergonomic Rubber Grips  
AZ Sling Trigger w/ Roller Bearings Rubber Backplate  
Mass Flow Valve 3D Milled Body  
Rock Steady Regulator 14’’ 2 Piece Barrel – Bore .689  
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